Letter #3 from Sierra Leone

Dear Friend From Ontario School,

We have received you letter, which we printed out and tag it into our class.
It was really exited when we saw your Photos. We really learn and know
that there are great differences between there and here.
We want to say sorry for late in replied as we were observing our
independent in Late April, more so, we engaging in art work for sell
to raised fund for our summer camp which is July. This keeps us so

We learn how you people celebrate Birthday with great share and fun it
so amazing.
Here as  children we celebrate Birthday too,  our parents print
invitations Cards and we share it to our friends, neighbors and
relatives, we prepared our local food like Rice, foo foo  with
delicious source, most common source is Cassava leaves and fry stew
for our guest. We also prepared soft drink like Cocoa cola Fanta,
sprite Ginger beer cool aid and pap. We play music in a loud tone,
which sometimes our neighbors help in the preparation in the food
preparation.   We set chairs in an open space in our compound for our
guests,  we set a high table where the Birthday celebrator will sit
with his family. They  look  the programme from the invitation card as
they go along.  We celebrate with jokes and funs, we pray for the
celebrator for him to celebrate many more years and pray for his
family too. Food is then share to the invitees along the music is
playing. The guest gives different kinds of gift to the Birthday
owner, such common gift like Birthday card, sweet, book, pencil and
pen, etc.

We see you playing Game called the snow games with your winter dress,
we love seen you playing such games what we admire much is that you
people has adapts to the snow weather and how you people walk on the
snow which sometimes when you walk on a little snow pill it get melt
or crush?
The game you play snow angels is it animals or you build it cause we
saw it white.
Here we play a game during the raining season which we called the Rain
Game where we run under the rain and throw soft ball to each other
when the rains is coming, but most time our parents didn’t allowed us
as they said we will catch cold and the sparking of thunder lighten
which normally happen but we love the rain game so much we usually
called it the showers of blessing Game.

The pictures showing the beautiful house with green compound where you
people live look so nice. Such houses are very few here in our village
and mostly are guesthouses that are fenced round with strict security

house beach house 100_2293


2 thoughts on “Letter #3 from Sierra Leone”

  1. This is awesome and great to see Sierra Leone Children letter post here
    this inspire the children so much in knowing there are others who they work in another part of the world.


  2. Dear Friends in Sierra Leone,

    Thank you so much for your letter! We really enjoyed learning about you. We are working on our reply later today and we will post it on our blog and send it to you by email.

    We have some more questions for you. Will you please write back to us? Thank you!

    Do you have electricity in your houses?

    We are also wondering why you have security guards where you live. Is it not safe? We hope you are safe. We can travel anywhere we want in our country. There are no security guards watching our houses.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Your Friends,

    Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees 🙂


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