Leigh Cassell is an educator, adventurer, entrepreneur and partner in learning with teachers, students, businesses and NGOs around the world. Leigh is an Education and Innovation Consultant, and Founder and CEO at Digital Human Library. Driven by her passion to inspire in others a love of learning, Leigh’s work in education focuses on building relationships in ways that leverage digital technologies, develop global competencies, design new literacies, and prepare students to succeed as next generation learners. Leigh is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Google Certified Educator, SMART Certified Interactive Teacher, and a Founding Partner of Live Learning Canada

History of Leigh Cassell Consulting

Leigh Cassell Consulting first began as The EdTech Learning Community— originally founded in 2013 to provide a collaborative learning space for members of our 2013-2014 TLLP Project Team. Our project, Blogs as Digital Portfolios began in 2013 and was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education for the next 2 years involving teachers in all 31 elementary schools and over 7000+ students in the Avon Maitland District School Board. The EdTech Learning Community served as the hub for teachers and students involved in our TLLP, and quickly became a hub for teaching and learning with technology in Ontario.

Today Leigh Cassell Consulting is an modern educational consulting agency offering coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements to districts and educational organizations throughout Canada and the United States.

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