Do Tadpoles Have Feelings?

Do tadpoles have feelings? What do tadpoles eat? How do they breathe? Do tadpoles sleep? We have so many questions about tadpoles. Every day we observe our tadpoles and write down what we see and how they have changed. We started a big chart in our classroom that looks like this:

photo 4

We are using this chart to help us think critically about the questions we have, what we think we know, what we have learned, what we thought we knew, and what we still wonder.  We like moving our sticky notes around as we learn new things and ask new questions.

Check out our tadpoles!

photo 2 photo 3

One thought on “Do Tadpoles Have Feelings?”

  1. Wonderful inquiry study, to think about your learning, what you know, what you think you know, what you learned, what you wonder about and what you thought you knew. Very exciting.

    By the way, I think tadpole do have feelings


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