Virtual Coaching Sessions

The most effective professional learning is identified collaboratively by educators and school leaders, and is experiential in nature. It involves

  • having a concrete experience followed by 
  • observation of and reflection on that experience which leads to 
  • the formation of new knowledge and abstract concepts which are then 
  • applied to test hypotheses in future situations, resulting in new experiences and new learning

I offer 1:1 personalized coaching sessions and workshops for classroom teachers, administrators and coaches/ coordinators. My experience is grounded in how we transition to a modern approach of teaching and learning in consideration of the following Core Elements of Learning and Transferrable Skills (Global Competencies):

Core Elements of Learning

Modern Pedagogies

The skillful integration of research-based pedagogies with new modern pedagogies to inform how we design, monitor and assess learning (i.e. experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, project and problem-based learning, design thinking, etc).

Learning Environment

The third teacher. The climate and culture we create for learning that’s openly accessible anytime, anywhere. These are the spaces where students are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning both offline and online.

Learning Partnerships

The ways we enhance learning and cultivate character and citizenship by connecting students, teachers, families, and a potentially global learning community.

Digital Technologies

The ways we embed technology to accelerate, diversify and add value to learning by creating new pathways to access and apply knowledge and explore learning partnerships beyond the classroom.

Transferrable Skills

Transferrable Skills/ Global Competencies are the skill sets that each and every student needs to achieve in order to flourish in today’s complex world. Each competency is multi-faceted and requires learners to progress through a series of stages as they further develop each skill.

Ontario Ministry of Education (2017)
This work is adapted from the 21st Century Competencies:
Framework Document for Discussion and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

Work With Me

Virtual Coaching Sessions/ Workshops are a more cost effective and timely way for me to work with you and your team(s). Sessions are booked on dates and times that work for everyone, and we meet online in a video conferencing room using either Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype (your preference). Contact me and let’s discuss your needs!

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