Using Haiku Deck in Grade 1

My class is currently working on Data Management.

To begin, we collected our own primary data by surveying our classmates using tally marks.  They came up with their own question and surveyed each student.  Here is our tweet showing us collecting primary data:


Next, we started using Haiku Deck (free app, some in app purchases but not required).  Students love this App since it is very simple to use.  We decided that a great presentation would require a title slide with your question, a bar graph (with a title, labels, accurate scale), and a conclusion slide stating the majority answer.

They loved this! Many students wanted to make another one and they are finding other ways to use Haiku Deck in the writing.  What I liked best about this task however is that for my students who would usually struggle with the fine motor needs for creating a graph can still create and share their data successfully. They are all very proud of their graphs.

Here are a few examples of their Haiku Deck presentations.

My next step is to teach terminology words for probability and have the students comment on their peers graphs through edublogs using this terminology.

Has anyone else used Haiku Deck? How?

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