Gratitude – #AMDSBkidschat October 2016


Join us to chat about Gratitude October 25th at 10AM-11AM!

What are you grateful for? This month’s #AMDSBkidschat takes a look at the virtue of gratitude. All too often we take for things, and even people for granted. By discussing gratitude with our students, we shed light on what we have, who is important to us, and what we are grateful for…

The video this month introduces your students to a elementary teacher and class in Sacramento who have experienced the power of gratitude. But the message spreads further as the impact of their program reaches far beyond the walls of their classroom.   

Are you up for a challenge? During the month of October why not try writing Gratitude Journals like Mrs.Cole’s class. Blog, tweet, or take some time to discuss gratitude as a class!  But most of all share your ideas and learning with us here at #AMDSBkidschat! We all have things to be grateful for; “Sometimes we also need a reminder that things are not all that bad”, and that is exactly what we hope to accomplish this month. (Kid President, 25 Things to be Thankful For)

Students Discover the Power of Gratitude on a Community | Class Act

What does gratitude mean to you?

Share 3 things you are grateful for.

How can you show yourself, and your friends gratitude? 

Do you believe that showing gratitude can help others? Why or Why not?

When you practice the virtue of gratitude, what character traits are you showing?  

~ Questions created by @8HowicK students

Join us to chat about Gratitude October 25th at 10 am!

Need help getting started? Everything you need is linked right here!


Want to explore the idea of Gratitude further?
Check out Kid Present’s 25 Things to be Thankful For!

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