A Kids’ Guide to Canada is Coming to AMDSB 01/2017

A Kids’ Guide to Canada – By Kids, For Kids

Un guide du Canada – par des enfants, pour des enfants


AKGTCanada is a national teacher-led initiative being organized by elementary teachers from across the country, and sponsored by the Canadian Education Association, Esri Canada, the Digital Human Library, ihub Niagara, Orion Network, Contact North, Canadian Geographic Education, ABEL Program at York University, MediaSmarts Canada, and ECOO (the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario)…

Beginning on January 1st, 2017, every elementary student in Canada from JK to Grade 8 is invited to mark the year of Canada’s 150th birthday by helping to write a new chapter in Canada’s story. 

We’re asking students to collaborate and help create the first interactive and multilingual guide to Canada which has been produced by kids and for kids!

img_3090We’re challenging students in every corner of the country to investigate, honour, and introduce the land and people of their local home community to their 5 million peers who live across Canada’s vast physical and multicultural landscape – and to do so in their own native language wherever possible.

With a special focus on connecting students in marginalized, remote, minority language, and Indigenous communities, the project provides students with an exciting opportunity to use their choice of tools, old and new, to meet and start to truly get to know their multi-cultured peers, from sea to shining sea to shining sea.clhp9hhwaaanvib

Peer-to-peer connections, inquiry, and deeper learning are at this project’s heart and soul. In this historic 150th birthday collaboration, the youngest members of our Canadian, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit communities have a very real opportunity to contribute to a new culture of mutual understanding, empathy, and respect.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Registration for AKGTCanada will open in the late fall all of 2016.

Participation is completely voluntary!

For information and updates, please sign up for the AKGTC Mailing List

For a summary of the project, please see the FAST FACTS. 

And for a more detailed understanding of the project, please read through the DETAILS.

Leigh  Cassell
National Co-ordinator
A Kids’ Guide to Canada – Un Guide du Canada

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