Happy World Kindness Day!!

Today is World Kindness Day! We want every day to be kindness. Today in class we talked about ways to be kind to others. We want to be kind to others because we want to be their friends and try to make new friends. Ms. King challenged all of the students and staff at Stephen Central Public School to find ways to be kind to others. Here are some ways we can surprise our friends with a random act of kindness (RAK):

* when people are sad on their birthday, we can go to their birthday (Maricela)

* when someone is hurt, you can help them up (Erica)

* when one of your is friends is getting bullied, you can say stop and stand up for them (Connor)

* if someone is sad because no one wants to play with them, you can play with them (Tia)

* if someone lost something, you can help them find it (Breanna)

* if someone doesn’t know where to sit, you could help them find where their seat is (Ryan)

* when somebody is new to the school and don’t know anything about stuff, you can help them do stuff and learn about them (Ginger)

* if you don’t know where the bathroom is, help them out (Boyd)

* donate toys to people that don’t have toys and donate money too (Cohen)

* donate clothes and some food to the people that don’t have anything (Maricela)

* if someone is lost, you can help them find their way back to where they need to go (Josiah)

* if someone needs help putting together a fourwheeler, you can help them do it (Ryan)

* if someone is looking for a ball off their chair, you can help them look for it (Erica)

* if someone is hurt, you can help them (Rachel)

* you can give someone a picture (Wyatt)

* you can make necklaces for people (Logan)

* make a friendship necklace and bracelet for your friends (Madison)

* if people are stuck in the mud, you can help them get out (Brian)

* donate shoes to people (Nathan)

* give someone a card if they are in the hospital (Katie)

* you can send your friend a gift card when it’s their birthday (Brody)

* make soup and send to families that lost a family member (Tyson)

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