Community Circle Check-In Chat

Today will be our last community circle check-in chat since this is the last Friday before school is done for the year.

My favourite events of the year were:

-Fun Fair (Maricela, Erica, Katie)

-Track and Field (Landin & Josiah)

-Field Trip to Morrison Dam (Josiah, Logan, Nathan, Brody)

-Halloween Party (Rachel)/ Halloween Dance (Josiah)

-When we watched the BFG (Ryan, Tyson, Boyd)

-Pajama Day “You Rock” party (Breanna, Ginger, Cohen)

-Christmas Concert (Madison)/ Christmas Dance (Rachel)

-Valentine’s Day Party (Wyatt)

-Easter Party (Tia)

-Mother’s Day Art (Rachel)

-Making our “All About Mammal” books (Ryan)

-100 Days of School Party (Erica)


Some wishes I have for next year are:

-Nap time (Tia)

-That I can do better on my school work (Wyatt)

-That I get to stay home all day (Cohen)

-To be in Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King’s class next year (Logan, Ryan, Landin)

-To get Ms. King when I’m in Grade 3 (Erica)

-More Play Days (Tyson)

-More Math time (Boyd, Tia, Brian)

-To not be in my brother’s class (Rachel)

-More iPad time (Brian)

-Every subject is Art (Maricela)

-More gym time (Landin)

-To be at school longer (Brody, Ryan, Madison)

-More recess time (Josiah)

-To have more Science experiments (Maricela)

-To have FUN! (Erica, Katie)

Happy Birthday Sophie!

happy bdayToday we video conferenced with Sophie who recently celebrated her birthday! We sang Sophie the birthday song, and Mrs. Cassell read her Dr. Seuss’ book, Happy Birthday to You! We also made her cards. Here is Sophie reading her card:image

Sophie told us about her birthday weekend and some of the fun things she did. We can’t wait to see her again on Wednesday! Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Community Circle Check-In Chat

These are some of the things that are going well:

1. We are learning about mammals and we made mammals out of clay. (Maricela)
2. I like working with numbers in math. (Rachel)
3. I like researching about animals and making animals out of clay. (Ginger, Tyson)
4. We like having more Mrs. Cassell time. (Maricela)
5. We are learning about amphibians, insects, birds, fish and mammals. (Landin)
6. Coming into the boot room in the morning is going well because there is no more pushing. (Connor)
7. I like lining up outside first before coming in so it’s not so busy. (Brody)
8. We are more organized in the morning and we come in calm. (Maricela)

These are some of our wishes:
1. I would like more school time. (Rachel)
2. I would like a new class pet – a snake. (Madison)
3. I would like a class pet too. (Connor, Tyson)
4. I would like people to stop being silly in class because people get red sticks and they don’t get to play with me at recess. (Brian)
5. I would like more time to read. (Tia)
6. I wish we had pet frogs and another fish. (Brody)
7. I would like more time with Mrs. Cassell and more video conferences. (Boyd)
8. We would like more art time. (Maricela)

These are some things that aren’t going well: