Community Circle Check-In Chat

Today is Friday November 14, 2014 and we are checking in about this week’s events and how we feel about them.

Some of the things we have enjoyed this week are:

-Working on the iPads (Josiah)

-Recess (Boyd)

-Poppy art (Ginger)

-Hanging out with my friends at recess (Madison)

-Adding and Subtracting in Math class (Brian)

-Having lunch (Tia)

-Reading on Raz Kids (Ryan)

Some of the things we have found challenging are:

-Running for a long time in gym class (Brody)

-Being kind to people (Josiah)

-Spelling words (Brody)

-Skip counting in Math (Ginger)

-Finding spider webs in Science (Boyd)

-Making new friends (Brian)

Some of the things that aren’t working are:

-Keeping hands off during lesson time (Josiah)

-Students don’t listen to teachers when asked (Rachel)

-Friends aren’t listening when I ask them to stop (Ginger)

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

-Stay away from the person that you are hands on with/ keep pencil cases away from you during lessons (Ginger)

-Ignore the person who is bothering you (Brody)

-Use your manners (Ryan)

-Say “Stop” or get/tell the teacher (Rachel)

-Put your eyes on the person who is speaking to you (Josiah)


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