Community Circle Check-In Chat

Every Friday we have a check-in chat to see how things are going.

Some of the things we have enjoyed this week are:

– using the iPads

– making poppies in art

– meeting our new friend Tia

– writing

– playing outside with my friends

– sorting

– making our busy bees read

Some of the things we have found challenging are:

– making new friends (it’s hard to go up to new people and say something)

– taking turns in gym

Some of the things that aren’t working are:

– some hands-on in class and outside (it’s hard to stop using hands-on when playing sometimes)

– people chasing us at recess

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

Making New Friends:

We can appreciate someone new we meet by saying “I like your shoes.”

We could say, “Do you want to play with me?” and “Do you want to be my friend?”

We could help a new friend with lots of things like their work, to clean up, or we could help them if they are hurt.

We could share with them.

Taking Turns in Gym:

Play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.

When we play games make sure everyone gets a turn to be it.


We can keep our hands away from others. If we want to use our hands we need to help others, hug people (we will ask first), clean up after ourselves and others, high five, say hi with your hands.

We will not use our hands to hurt others.

People Chasing Us:

We will use our words and ask them to stop.

Tell the teacher if they don’t stop.




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