Teacher Feature: South Perth Centennial

I had the privilege of working with the staff at South Perth Centennial this month and wanted to share some new learning and a great idea!


It is now possible to upload media to your class blog and/or student blogs when using a browser like Safari or Chrome on your iPad. Previously you would have received an error message that read “You must use the Native app for this device”. I would still recommend using the app to create posts for your blog when working on the iPad, however this new update makes it possible to work from the Admin dashboard on the iPad in a browser seamlessly. Thank you Tammy Gettler!


SCPS Grade 1-2 Class Blog

Marsha Purvis and Brenda Vivian are sharing messages for parents from the students in their classes by using the Gallery Feature in the Media Library. Here’s how (on a computer and now on an iPad too!):

Create a New Post > Add Media > Create Gallery (left hand side) > Upload Files or Choose Files (as many as you want) > Create New Gallery (blue button bottom right) > Add Caption (underneath each image) > Insert Gallery > That’s it!

This is a unique way to use the class blog to share individual learning, ideas, questions . . .

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.33.26 PM


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