OTF Connects Winter/Spring Sessions: Digital Human Library

Registration Now Open!
OTF Connects Winter/Spring Program 2016

Following is the schedule for January:

January 13: Getting Started with OTF Planboard (K-8), Andrew Bieronski
January 14: Developing Computational Thinking Through Coding (Elementary),
Brian Aspinall FULL
January 18: Web-based Learning Tools (K-12), Derrick Schellenberg
January 19: Harness the Power of Google Docs for Beginners (Elementary), Shadi Yazdan
January 20: Creative Commons and Copyright (K-12), Jaclyn Calder
January 21: Exploring Environmental Change Through Critical Inquiry (Intermediate – Grade 7), Maria Vamvalis, TC2
January 25: Student Website using Google Sites (Grades 1-8), Susan Watt &
Trish Morgan
January 26: Supporting Canadian and World Studies Through Student Engagement (Secondary), Garfield Gini-Newman, TC2
January 27: The Digital Human Library (K-8), Leigh Cassell
January 28: Making with Minecraft (Elementary), Brian Aspinall

Click here to view the calendar and sign up for sessions that interest you.

Check back frequently to see newly added sessions!



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