Online Safety Videos

Our focus in the grade 3/4 class this past week has been online safety.  The students have really enjoyed watching videos by Kara, Winston and the SMART crew to help them understand the importance of being safe when they are on a computer or iPad.  They are currently writing a reflection about their learning which will eventually be posted on their blog.

If you are interested in checking out the SMART crew videos follow this link…

Online Safety

4 thoughts on “Online Safety Videos”

  1. Those videos look fun! One of my students came across a Tumble Book – Little Red in Cyber Space. They thought it was great also. I like the idea of a reflection for their blogs though….I’m trying to motivate my class to have some quality writing for their blogs…
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. We watched these videos as a class. The idea of cyber-bullying and stranger danger was quite frightening to some of my students. We ended up throwing out the planned lesson and talking about what features are in place on the blogs to keep them safe, and what they themselves could do to keep themselves safe.
    I decided to send a quick note home, our class has only started blogging, and put a link to the videos on the blog. I encouraged the parents to watch the videos together and start talking about safety.
    I did wonder about the videos for my 12 class, but decided to go ahead because the information was related in such a kid friendly way. Hopefully, they are not scared off before we begin!


  3. Any links to videos for 7/8’s? I have been doing online safety with my gr 7 health class and will be beneficial for all once we get our ipads next week.


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