Introducing A New Communication Tool…

Hello Folks,

We are avid technology seekers, and as a result, we would like to pilot a new free app, called Class Messenger. This form of technology would allow you to receive texts and/or emails about your child’s homework, specific class messages and individualized messages from the teacher, and any reminders. And what’s more is that we can quickly take pictures of your child working in the classroom, or photograph student work samples to send your way with the click of a button. We value communication with parents and trying to find a quick and easy way to do it.

From the reviews, Class Messenger is similar to texting. In fact, you can choose the method you would like to receive information from us; you can download the app through your mobile device, receive a text, or an email. We have downloaded the app and it looks fantastic. Please consider using this mode of communication with us as it provides a quick form of communication. We are very excited about it. The Class Messenger app does not replace your child’s planner or our blog. It is simply an additional means of communication between home and school.  We will be piloting this app over the next several months to determine its effectiveness.

To join our class…

Go to:

*If you have an iphone, DO NOT REGISTER THROUGH THE WEBSITE. First, download the app and then join the class from your iphone app.  Otherwise, you will end up joining twice.

For all Parents:

1.  Click on Join a Class (top right of page on the website)

2.  Search by Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Cassell & Ms. King OR Class Code: WSSAGW

3.  After you click on our name ‘Busy Bees Mrs. Cassell & Ms. King’, to join our class, you need to provide your information.

4.  Finally, select the way you would like to receive messages (email or text messages) and if you would like to receive push notifications.

Please Note:  If you choose text you will only receive partial messages, and you do not get pictures, if we should attach them.  We recommend that you also sign up using email in addition to text. With text, you can’t respond back directly to us. You will need to login to the website to send a message.

If you are using the iphone app, you will receive entire messages and you can respond back directly to the teacher.

That’s it. It seems very simple so far.  We are asking that all parents sign up before or on the Thanksgiving weekend, so we can start using this as soon as possible.  

Thank you in advance for delving into 21st century learning and communication with us!  This is going to be fun and new learning for us all!


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