Theory of Action (If/Then Statements)

My grade six students have been excited about the consistent use of technology in our classroom. I am interested in helping my students think critically about how to use technology to help them communicate their thinking. I want them to use the technology that is available to them and not wait for me to tell them which one to use for each task.

If my students are familiar with several different web tools and have a clear understanding of what is needed to be communicated or achieved, then they will be able to think critically and choose the correct tool for the task at hand.

It is also important for my students to think critically about their own work. I am hoping that their blogs will become a place for my students to share their understandings and reflect on their work. The blog will provide a real audience for students and the opportunity for feedback from peers and adults.  I am hoping that having a place to reflect and the opportunity to interact with their audience will  encourage personal reflection and goal setting.

If my students are given the opportunity to share and discuss their thinking and understandings with a real audience, then they will be able to reflect on their own work and set personal goals.


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