If/Then Statement

If I introduce my students to a variety of websites and programs, then they will be able to individualize and direct their own learning.  I strongly believe in the benefits of differentiated instruction and continue to look for ways to effectively deliver it.

Like all classrooms, the range of abilities and interests in my Grade 6 classroom is huge.  I know that on any given day, my lessons may be too difficult for some students and others are probably thinking, “I already know that”.  I’m hoping that students use Edublogs to add posts and pages that are of interest to them.  The fact that writing will have a real, live audience should encourage them to put forth their best effort and learn to communicate effectively.

After a one month trial, we have also used the IXL math website to cover Grade 6 math curriculum concepts at a level and speed that matches each student.  I receive weekly reports which show me the time spent on each concept and the accuracy of student answers.  I’m hoping that using the program to cover concepts quickly will allow me to devote more time to problem solving using the Explain Everything App.

I also realize that constant communication and feedback with students is extremely important.  Edmodo has been been an effective tool for creating our classroom community, getting to know students, organizing our learning, giving students descriptive feedback and teaching students safe and appropriate online behaviour.


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