I have just discovered a website called Edpuzzle.  The website is free (always a bonus)!  It allows you to give your studenwebsitets engaging diagnostic and formative assessments.

The website allows you to add multiple choice or formative questions to a video.  As well as adding questions, you can change the audio track of a pre-existing video, or add audio notes. Videos can be chosen from the selections on the website, (see the list on the left) you can find your own video, or create one on Explain Everything.  As well, there are already created assessments for use.

Each class has a specific code, which your students input when they sign in.  They are not able to skip ahead in the videos, so you know they are watching them.

I just used Edpuzzle to introduce time to my students.  They were actively engaged as they closely watched a video about time, and answered the multiple choice questions I gave them.  The website tracks the students’ answers, so I was able to easily see their understanding of time.

I think that this website would also allow you to create videos about concepts that your students need to visit more than once, allowing them to have more control over their learning.

Let me know what you think.

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