The New TeacherKit

Two years ago I started using Teacher Kit as my digital marks book. It was great to be able to keep digital records of student work and email all the kids and/or parents at the tap of a button. In September of this year we were introduced to iDoceo3. This app put poor old TeacherKit to shame.

With iDoceo3 we could have the marks book, the digital portfolio of student work, the seating plan, behaviour notes and so much more…for only $7.99.

Now, TeacherKit Version 2 (a free app buy the way) has had a facelift. It has all the features of iDoceo3, and even has a student information reporting feature. Not for report cards. I particularly like the layout and simple style.

If anyone gives this revisited app a try, I would love to hear what you think…and how it compares to iDoceo3. One thing for sure, you can’t beat the price.


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