Catching Up on May 2014

The last few weeks have been very busy for the 1-2-1 Program. First of all, we have a new name. We are the “Next Generation Learning Program: School 3.0”. I like the name, because it puts us in the context of looking forward in education. (I wish I would have though of it). I have been streamlining the name in my communications to : “the 3.0 program”.

I did a training in Clinton for NTIP. It was great to see the interest in the 3.0 program. Some teachers actually came to hear my talk twice.

At the Systems Leadership Day at the U of Waterloo Campus in Stratford. I presented on applications of the SAMR model in the classroom. Despite some technical difficulties, the talk was well received.

The next day (May 22) we had a large group meeting of most of the Phase 1 teachers. The results of that meeting was a proposal (currently awaiting your editing in Google Docs) on a PLC format for next year. I will be closing that file this Friday and forwarding the final proposal to Jane Morris.

On Tuesday the 27th we had two big events. The first was the announcement of Phase 2 of the 3.0 Program. Joey and I brought several students from MDHS to DCVI for the big event. There was media coverage, the kids did a demo and the second Phase was officially announced.

Launch of Phase 2 at DCVI

That same evening Joey joined me and 8 students from three different schools to present the 3.0 program to our board Trustees. The kids really made the evening. They helped each of our trustees make their way through a few brief lessons, and were great ambassadors to the program.

June looks like it might slow down a bit – but next year looks like we will be helping twice the students and having twice the fun.

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