Our Collaborative Blog Needs Some TLC

Today I really wanted to encourage all of you to post some of the amazing things you are learning throughout this process on our collaborative blog. Listening to everyone speak today and share their blogs is not only inspiring, but it motivates us to want to do better, to be better. As we discussed today, what gets shared on our blogs, and on our student blogs doesn’t need to be lengthy or polished. Listening to Laura talk about how her students are using their blogs as digital portfolios already, referring back to the “then” and “now” of their learning, speaks to the purpose of our collaborative blog – a collection of our “then” and “now” learning. It’s not perfect. And it’s not supposed to be. This is how we learn.
I hope you will take a minute or two in the coming weeks to share your “then” and “now”, or tell about what you are doing with the technology in your classroom. Let’s keep the conversations going!

Leigh Cassell

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