Twitter Aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy for Students

Thinking about using Twitter with your students? I came across this great graphic on Langwitches blog. Langwitches started her graphic by outlining some of the reasons why as a teacher you should be engaged in a tweeting experience with your students. Tweeting, as is shown here, helps you cultivate a wide range of important literacies including: digital literacy, information literacy, network literacy, and also promotes other skills such as critical thinking and reading and writing skills.

In the second part of the graphic Langwitches introduces the Twitter routine and talks about some of the things students need to keep in mind while using Twitter. In the third section she places some Twitter practices along a continuum of thinking skills with lower order thinking skills at one end and higher order thinking skills at the other.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy for Students”

  1. I completely agree Leigh. I love my Twitter Account. It not only starts a rich conversation in the classroom but it gives me so much PD! By following other classrooms, I learn new ways to integrate technology into the classroom and lesson ideas. Its a plus for both students and teacher!


  2. Thanks Laura. You may also be interested in this article: 5o Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom
    There were several ideas listed in this article that I hadn’t before considered that would greatly contribute to the ways in which I use Twitter in my classroom.


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