Need Help for Uploading Videos

Hello Everyone!

I have just recently started using iMovie to make videos that we plan to send to different countries around the world that we will begin collaborating with as part of the Grade 2 Communities Around the World curriculum.  Very, very, very exciting times and things happening in our room.  However…I am having some issues with getting iMovie sent by email.  My guess is the videos are too long.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to quickly and effectively share these videos so they can be uploaded to the classroom blog or shared with others?  I tried youtube video but it takes a VERY long time to upload a simple video clip.  I also played with google drive but it wants you to save to camera roll first and the videos are too long to send to google.  I’m sure there is a simple solution…but my mind is boggled and filled with too many other things.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.