Respect – #AMDSBkidschat September 2016


Welcome back to another fun year with #AMDSBkidschat! As we gear up again for another exciting school year we hope you will join us! We understand that September is a very busy month for many teachers, but everything you need is here, including a step by step guide to set up a class Twitter account, information about how to join the #AMDSBkidschat, as well as resources and information about using Twitter.  And our team is ready to support you!

Our September #AMDSBkidschat is happening on Monday September 26th at 10AM-11AM. The topic we will be discussing is the character trait RESPECT. This month we have 2 different videos in order to reinforce the theme throughout the primary, junior and intermediate divisions (please choose the video that best suits your needs).

Respect is a BIG topic and there are so many ways to show respect. You show respect for people, animals, yourself, the environment and respect for material things… The following videos include a variety of different examples of respectful behaviour that will engage your learners in conversations about respect. During our #AMDSBkidschat we hope all participants will share their ideas, with a focus on engaging in meaningful discussions about respect. #AMDSBkidschat is designed to help K-8 students develop their communication skills, while also learning about digital citizenship responsibilities and rights, as they collaborate with others students, teachers, coaches, and parents throughout the AMDSB.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T… find out what it means to (me) #AMDSBkidschat this September! (PS. We know you sang that last line! 😉

Respect Video: Primary – Sesame Street (one option)

Respect Video: Junior, Intermediate Video – (could also be used in Primary)

1. What does RESPECT mean to you?
2. The video shows several examples of RESPECT. Describe some of the examples.
3. What are some ways that you show RESPECT in school and out of school?
4. Why is it hard to show RESPECT sometimes? Or is it?
5. Describe one person you RESPECT. What did/does this person do to earn your RESPECT?

Additional Activities and Resources:
Brainstorm ways you can show more respect in your classroom or school environment.
Create a list of recommendations to show more respect for others, the environment, etc, and post them in your school newsletter, create a poster, or embed a slideshow or video on your blog.
Check out your school library for the Character Books on Respect. There are some GREAT titles available to share with your class!

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#AMDSBkidschat June 2016 – Innovation: Bringing Your Ideas to Life!


Our final Twitter chat of the 2015/2016 school year is all about innovation! What does innovation mean to you? Come together and chat about innovation based on your interests, talents, passions, and dreams . . .

In this month’s video Kid President shares his dreams about creating new and innovative things. A really good invention makes the world more awesome. Because the world is full of lots of problems, there are also lots of problem solvers ~ Kid President

  1. What does the word Innovation mean to you?
  2. What are your interests, talents or passions?
  3. What skills do you need to be innovative?
  4. What character traits do you need to be innovative?
  5. The first lesson about being an innovator is that it’s ok to FAIL. Why is it necessary to fail?
  6. The world is full of problems. What invention might you create to make the world a better place?
  7. “Creating NEW ideas can be hard.” How will you bring your new ideas to life?

There are many ways we can make a difference in the world. It’s OK to make mistakes but it is not OK to give up. You’ve got to keep creating ~ Kid President

Join us on Twitter June 16th at 10am!

Want to go one step further? Share pictures of the things that you have created either at school or at home! We would LOVE to see your inventions!!!! Tweet them out a few days before, during or after the chat using the #AMDSBkidschat hashtag!

– #AMDSBkidschat Team

#AMDSBkidschat April 2016: Empathy is . . .


For this month’s #AMDSBkidschat, Mrs.Case- Schepers 5/6 class was in charge of choosing the video and creating the questions. Each of the original 4 classes have invited another class into the chat so we will have 8 classes joining us on April 25th from 10AM-11AM. If you would like to join us, please visit #AMDSBkidschat to find all of the information you need to get started. You can also tweet to @teach_msK @kerrcase @MsDunnell or @LeighCassell to learn more!

Video: Would You Give your Jacket to Johannes? SOS Children’s Villages Norway 


  1.  What is empathy?
  1.  How do the characters in the video show empathy? What are the clues?
  1.  How does the video make you feel? Why?
  1.  Discuss a time when you have experienced empathy or witnessed empathy.
  1.  Who is the most empathetic person you know? How does it make you feel to be around this person?
  1.  How do you think empathy could change the world?

Most classes participating in the chat answer the questions ahead of time in the form of a tweet so during the chat they can post their answers and spend their time responding to others. Visit #AMDSBkidschat to learn more!

If you would like to extend the learning with your class this month here are some additional classroom activities that you can do with your students:

Additional Classroom Activities:

Video: Empathy

Draw a picture, create a tableaux, or write a poem about empathy.

Create a Frayer Model about empathy.

Happy Tweeting!

#AMDSBkidschat Team