Creating and Sharing Google Calendars with Students and Parents

I love using google calendar to keep my life organized!  Previously, I always sent a hard copy of a class calendar home each month.  But then I always found I had to add events or things changed which meant more communication and quite honestly, a big hassle!  I have since graduated to an online calendar which is located on my blog.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.17.24 AM

I love this because it is quick, I can add an event from any of my devices to the class calendar and most importantly, parents continue to be connected to my classroom blog!  As a busy parent myself, I was thinking how great it would be if parents could link up my class calendar to their own devices instead of having to add things in manually to their own calendars….I then remembered that a couple years ago I had a tech savvy parent who added my class calendar to his device so I sent a quick email and voila! the step by step instructions for creating and sharing Google calendars!  I’ve attached the link below in case anyone is interested.

Creating and Sharing Class Calendars

In my introduction letter to my parents (I am just coming back from maternity leave), I also share instructions for adding the calendar from devices other than Apple.

Link to Class Blog with Instructions


Jenn Regier

Starting Year Two

I have jumped in to the second year of blogging with my grade six class. It has been a much smoother start this year since I have some experience from last year and I am excited by the possibilities for year two.

I am trying to use my class blog as my main communication tool with parents this year. I have had many different communication tools over the years from a paper newsletter to a class website. It is my hope that the blog will replace all of these forms of communication. Monthly newsletters are posted on the blog and I have included a Google Calendar that includes all of the school and class events. My goal for this year is to help parents subscribe to our class blog and their child’s blog. It is my hope that if the parents subscribe to our blogs, they will be better informed and more involved.

I also would like to make more connections through our blog. My class had “blogging budddies” with another grade six class at the end of last year. My students were so excited when they would get a comment from their “buddy” and worked hard to produce quality work to share with him/her. It is my hope that if we make more connections, that my students will produce quality work that they would want to share with a global audience and increase student engagement.

My concern at this point is getting my students to use comments appropriately. I have many students, despite frequent reminders, who use the comment feed to do silly comments or “shout outs” as I like to call them. I am not sure how to get them to stop doing this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?