Saving Work to Google Drive and iPad Clean Up

I was just reading Ray’s posting about saving to email and as of last week, I had been doing the same thing…sending to class email and then having them print out.  However, my class email account was looking ugly (full of messages) and I don’t want to delete their work.  I thought about another way to save their work and I realized that google drive is the way to go for me at this point (or until something better comes along :)).  I have been using google drive for my own work on my iPads and it is wonderful to have access to my files wherever I am.  So I downloaded the google drive app and used our classroom email account as my sign-in.  I then created a folder for each student inside google drive (this part I did on the computer).  So far, most of the applications I am using allow me to save to camera roll or export to google drive.  This is a good organizational tool.  Most importantly, if you are noticing your camera roll is filling up with photos and videos…it is important to remember that these iPads have only 16G.  You need to keep on top of your iPad storage or you will not be able to download apps and your iPad will slow down/not work properly.

To check your available iPad storage, go to Settings ->General -> Usage ->Manage Usage (shows you the GB/MB of each app).  Pictures/videos take up a lot of space, so you should get into the routine of having students save the photos/videos they want and put them into their google drive and then delete them from camera roll.  If you wait too long, this becomes a messy process!  Regular maintenance of iPads is something students need to learn so that they can manage their own someday.  It also saves you hours of work!

To save something from camera roll:

1-open google drive

2-have student open his/her folder

3-click on (+)

4-upload photos or videos

(you can also have students take picture directly from google drive to save in folder as well)

I think this is a great way to keep things organized.  It also allows students to access things from home.

Explain Everything: (you can export to google drive)

1- click on export button at bottom of the screen (on left side of house icon at bottom of screen)

2- click on export to (top left side)

3- click on google drive icon (bottom of screen)

4-all of your files will show up, click on file you want to save into

5-click on green export button

(Exporting does take a while to do…especially if the file is big.  So don’t have kids export if they need to use the iPad still.  Wait until they are not using them and then export.)

Any questions or comments…let me know!



Skip Counting in Grade 1 using the Explain Everything App

In Grade 1 right now we are practicing skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Yesterday, I gave my Grade 1’s the problem: How many shoes are we wearing all together as a class?

First, they discussed strategies with an elbow buddy. Some wanted to count by 2s in pairs but some wanted to count by 5s (like Tally’s) or 10s (like ten frames). They all agreed they wanted to take their shoes off though!

So we took off our shoes, sorted, and counted! As we counted we created an Explain Everything video to share our learning (The ending video is from the next day as it did not work probably so we had to re-record it!). You can view the video on our blog here:

I used this to model not only how to solve a problem using skip counting but also to model how to use the explain everything app. They also had fun creating the video!

Today I gave two students the problem: You have 4 bins of cars. There are 10 cars in each bin. How many cars do you have all together? I told them they could you use anything they wanted to solve the problem but must show their thinking using explain everything.

After about 30 minutes, they had these two videos posted to their blogs. Not too bad for a first try!

I am going to have more students solve the same or similar problem and share using explain everything this week. Just thought I would share our first try at it!