Moving Beyond Apps: Blogs as Digital Portfolios in the Primary Classroom

Jenn Regier and I had the opportunity to present our Technology Learning Community project work. Blogging as Digital Portfolios at ECOO in Niagara last week. Here is the deck we put together highlighting some of the work our group has done over the past year:

In order to view the video files embedded in the slideshow you will need to view it here:

Moving Beyond Apps: Blogs as Digital Portfolios in the Primary Classroom ECOO – 2014

My Thoughts on Year One

This whole project will be a steep learning curve for me from beginning to end! I am so thankful to be joining Jennifer…I did not even consider signing up last year. Right now my students are very excited to be starting blogs so my goal for them right now is making strong posts and then meaty comments to one another. A primary concern is still student safety and responsibility, something I will refer to often with my class.  I can’t wait to try “explain everything” to share class work with each other and with parents.