21st Century Competencies (6Cs)

If we transform teaching and learning in AMDSB, through the consolidation of effective pedagogy, which leverages the use of technology and learning opportunities that explore the Student Outcomes of creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, citizenship and character, then our students will demonstrate improved academic achievement in literacy and numeracy.


competencies21st Century Competencies is a Foundation Document (Draft, Ministry of Education, 2016) that provides an overview of the work being done in Ontario to identify and define 21st century competencies in teaching and learning.

Our new AMDSB Strategic Plan aligns with the 21st Century Competencies document outlining how we will:

Create Positive Inclusive Learning Environments and

Maximize Outcomes for Students by

Engaging our students, staff, families, communities and our world,

Inspiring with evidence-informed teaching and learning

Innovating through the creative potential of emerging technologies

Guided by the Principles of

Equity, Character, and Stewardship

View the collections of blog posts that show evidence of improved outcomes for students by simply clicking on the outcome you wish to explore under the Student Outcomes menu tab. If you have any questions about how blogging is being used as a platform for learning in the AMDSB, please contact me for more information.

Happy Blogging!

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