Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Our goal is to teach our students how to think critically to design and manage projects, solve problems, and make effective decisions using a variety of digital tools and resources.

How can a blog be used to amplify and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills?


– document and post descriptive feedback (strengths and next steps)
– further student inquiry by asking deep thinking questions
– share links to new ideas and information (create opportunities for amplified learning)
– post written reflections about teaching and learning
– comment, reply and ask other bloggers questions about teaching and learning
– use the blog as a teaching platform to post provocations or problems that require a collaborative effort


– reply to comments from family, teachers, admin, support staff, peers, students in other schools, students in other countries, global learning partners, experts . . .
– respond to descriptive feedback from family, teachers, peers. . .
– write thoughtful comments to their peers, students in other schools, students from other countries, global learning partners (name new learning, identify misconceptions, ask questions, share more information . . .)
– create unique products of learning using apps like Explain Everything, Book Creator, and iMovie
– choose and justify the use of apps to support the process of learning and to create products of learning
– document and post the process and products of learning and invite others to provide feedback
– ask questions
– answer questions
– access links to new information, ideas and learning and post reflections on new learning
– document and post “thinking” (student metacognition) 
– reflect on learning
– post about a problem in the classroom and students individually comment on that post to share why it is a problem and how they can solve the problem
– observe digital citizenship rights and responsibilities
– build new relationships with global learning partners (compare and contrast differences between cultures and traditions to develop an appreciation of our multi-cultural world)
– create digital portfolio

Visit the Program Department’s website for more information and resources.

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