Compassion is…

  •  noticing when someone is sad or needs a friend
  •  taking action and stopping someone who is being mean to someone
  •  imagining how someone else is feeling
  •  being a friend when someone needs a friend
  •  doing something special for a friend or family member
  •  taking time to show you care
  •  volunteering your time
  •  listening when people confide in you
  •  thinking about how you can help someone
  •  forgiving others when they make mistakes
  •  asking how someone is and listening patiently
  •  helping a person or animal in need

Tips on becoming more compassionate and caring:

  • be a good listener
  • look people directly in the eye when they speak
  • apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings
  • let your friends make their own decisions
  • look for kids at school who are being left out and inviting them to join in activities
  • stick up for someone being teased
  • share your feelings with other people
  • each week, do one nice thing for a friend or family member

Videos and Songs About Compassion

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