New Friends in Florida

Dear Friends in Florida,

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.17.39 AMWe are a Grade 1/2 class at Stephen Central PS in Crediton, Ontario, Canada. There are 21 kids in our class and we are between 6-8 years old. There are 12 boys and 9 girls. We have 2 teachers – their names are Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King. Mrs. Cassell teaches us literacy and social studies in the morning, and Ms. King teaches us math, science, gym and health, art, drama, and dance.

There are almost 200 kids in our school. It is a fairly small school. Our playground has swings, monkey bars, slides, climbers, and sand boxes. We also have lots of nature trails in the forest and we often see different animals on nature walks. We might see snakes, birds, frogs and toads, lots of insects, spiders, bunnies, and maybe even a fox or a deer. We love going on nature walks!

We are very excited to get to know you. We have some questions for you:

1. What is the name of your school?

2. How many kids are in your class?

3. What grade are you in?

4. What does you school yard look like? Do you have nature trails?

5. Do you have iPads that you use for learning?

6. What season is it in Florida? Do you have different seasons?

Please reply to our post. We are looking forward to learning with you!

Your Friends,

Busy Bees

PS – We would really love to have a video conference with you if possible before the end of the school year. It would be great to meet you face to face!

Earth Day

Today we have been learning about Earth Day. The big ideas we are talking about are how we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Each of us did some writing today about how we can help our environment. Be sure to check out our individual student blogs to learn more about Earth Day and how we are making a difference in our world!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Videos About Garbage and Recycling

What are you doing to help our environment?

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees

Community Circle Check-in Chat

Today is Friday and it’s time for our Check-In Chat!

These are some of the things that are going really well in Grade 1/2:

1. Empower is going really well for me. (Maricela)

2. Reading and thinking about the words I read. (Erica)

3. Anything with the Ipads. (Boyd)

4. The BFG Chapters. (Ginger)

5. Getting lots of smiles for doing good things. (Ryan)

6. Learning about Science  – liquids, solids and gases (Brian and Erica)

Here are some of our wishes:

1. That we could have more iPad time. (Rachel, Katie, Josiah)

2. That we could have more art time. (Breanna)

3. That we could have more computer time. (Tyson)

4. I wish I was the BFG. (Brody)

5. For more recess time. (Nathan)

6. For more reading time. (Tia)

These are some of the things that aren’t working:

1. We have not been allowed free iPad time at indoor recess time because we broke a rule. (Brody)

2. No fighting and having no hands on. (Katie)

3. Friends are mimicking me. (Ginger)

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. To get our free iPad time back, we can work harder (Maryn).  We need to do what we were told to do when we are on our iPad (Brody).  If we do what the teachers say, they may be able to gain our trust back (Erica).

2. We need to keep our hands off of each other, unless we are giving them a high five (Maricela).  Also, the only time you have your hands on is if you are helping them (Katie).  If someone is fighting or has hands on and you ask them to stop and they don’t, tell a teacher (Josiah).

3. To get friends to stop mimicking us we could ask them kindly to stop first and if they don’t, tell a teacher (Breanna and Erica).  Stop mimicking people because it is not nice (Rachel).