The Bunny Hop Dance

Today in gym, we did a bunny hop dance. At first, we learned the steps all in a line. Then, we practiced like the traditionally bunny hop line. The steps are:
– right, right
– left, left
– hop forward
– hop back
– hop forward three times
– and then repeat the steps
We know that we have to listen to the music to know when to start and finish. It was hard at first but then we got the hang of it. We couldn’t keep up with the music to start but we kept on practicing and now we know how to dance to the music. The music helps us because it says hop, hop, hop for our three hops forward.
We are learning a country line dance now. Watch for that video next! Stay tuned!

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Dancing It Up…

For daily physical activity, we are learning some other dances from around the world and of different genres. We love to try new ones and show our moves to our favourites.

Here are some new ones we started to learn today:

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Today, we went on an adventure around the school yard on the awesome trails with our snowshoes with the Grade 4’s. They were our buddies to help us get them on and help us up when we fell. We really liked:
~ seeing the animal tracks
~ falling and laughing with our Grade 4 buddies
~ getting lots of exercise
~ exploring all the trails
We want to thank Ms. Visser and the Grade 4 class for their help and great time today. We even had some great bonding with this class to share our knowledge on blogging while we had a cookie & some hot chocolate. We can’t wait to collaborate with them again!