Soccer Two on Two

In Grade 1/2, we were doing two on two soccer. People were against each other. We are going to tell you what we did well on and what we need to work on.

What worked well for our team:

~ That we kept getting the ball away from the opponent (Katie & Brian)

~ That we were really good at passing it to each other (Connor & Madison)

~ The other team couldn’t get it from us (Tia & Logan)

~ To use our strategy to keep the ball in the corner (Ryan & Breanna)

~ That we got the ball (Nathan, Tyson & Rachel)

~ Trying our best (Wyatt, Cohen & Maricela)

~ That we are trying our best to get the ball (Boyd & Ginger)

~ That we passed the ball a lot (Josiah & Erica)


What didn’t work well for our team:

~ Staying far apart for someone to be open (Brian & Katie)

~ That the other team kept stealing the ball from us (Madison & Connor)

~ That we need to pass (Logan & Tia)

~ That we need to pass the ball to each other (Breanna & Ryan)

~ That we didn’t pass (Rachel, Nathan & Tyson)

~ That we didn’t pass to each other (Cohen, Wyatt & Maricela)

~ That we couldn’t always get the ball (Ginger & Boyd)

~ That we couldn’t control the ball (Erica & Josiah)


What could we do next time to help us be better soccer strategists:

~ if we pass the ball (Tia)

~ by making a good plan (Maricela)

~ think before we do it (Ryan)

~ try to get more space to control the ball (Josiah)

~ control the ball (Ginger)

~ look where you are going (Ms. King)

~ if we are in a tight area, try to keep turning and pass to your partner (Connor)

~ don’t have everyone go after the ball (Maricela)

~ take turns trying to get the ball (Josiah)

~ guard the other team from passing (Logan)


Let’s see if these strategies will help us the next time we play!


Learning to Skip

Today in Phys. Ed class, we went outside to practice skipping. We are learning to skip forward and backwards in different ways. We all have different skill levels and are helping each other develop our abilities. What a great way to learn some gross motor skills and get some fresh air by being outside. We were lucky it didn’t rain!

20150420-122647.jpg     20150421-052156.jpg

20150421-052208.jpg    20150421-052229.jpg