Blog-gone it – that’s a Great Idea! The “About” Page

I’ve decided to introduce another series of blog posts that feature unique ideas designed to add new content (and maybe a little “spice”) to your blogs! The ideas shared here are taken from blogs in AMDSB, and I would encourage you to reach out to your colleagues to learn more.

This week’s great idea . . . Add an About page!

When you visit most websites there is a page that explains the purpose of the site. Sometimes included on the About page is the organization’s mission statement, values, and goals. You may also learn about the author of the site which is important if you are validating the credibility of the information you are reading.

These are some examples of About pages on a variety of AMDSB Class Blogs:

Laurel Carroll-Walls – Mrs. Carroll-Walls’ Blog

Lauralee McCormack – Grade One McCormack

Becky Versteeg – Team2Eagles

Sarah (in Becky Versteeg’s Class) – Sarah’s Blog

Heather Echert – Mrs. Eckert’s Blog

Andrew Weber – The 4/5 Explorers (Andrew added a page title Listowel Central which links to the school website – love this idea!)

Jody Horne – Mrs. Horne’s Grade 6 Bloggers

Danielle Mascolo – Grade 6 is Awesome

Lucas Shepherd – Grade 8 with Mr. Shepherd


If you decide to create an “About” page for your blog, please share the link to your page by leaving a comment below!


How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Blog Using Your iPad

I am often asked how to embed a YouTube video into an Edublog post when using the iPad so I have created a step-by-step set of instructions below. Please note that you must have both the Edublogs app and the YouTube app downloaded on your iPad. The following set of instructions will not work if you open Edublogs or YouTube in a browser (ie. Safari) on your iPad. Enjoy!


1. Open the Edublogs app and touch the “+” sign to create a new post. Add your title. Minimize Edublogs.


2. Open the YouTube app.


3. Type the name of the video you want to embed in the Search bar. If you are selecting a YouTube video from your YouTube channel, touch the avatar symbol (silhouette of a person); My Videos; and then touch the video you want to embed.

4. Touch the arrow in the top right hand corner of the video you selected.

5. Touch “Copy Link”. Minimize YouTube.

6. Open Edublogs. You should be back in the new post you created.


7. Touch in the text box and paste the link. Finish your post and publish (top right), or touch Delete (top left) and then choose “Save Draft”.

8. Preview your post by touching the symbol of the eye in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

That’s it!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!