Questions to Ask BEFORE Integrating Digital Tools

Last week I tweeted out questions to ask BEFORE integrating digital tools. Here is the full series of questions. What would you add?

Start with Backwards Design . . .

  1.  What do students need to know, understand, and be able to do?

(curriculum + learning goals) What is our purpose (student voice + teacher)?

  1.  What will you accept as evidence of learning?

(assessment tasks + methods + analog/ digital tools)

  1.  What knowledge and skills will students need to achieve the desired results?

(pedagogy + resources: analog/ digital)

Continue the conversation . . .

  1.  How will the integration of tech augment, modify or redefine the learning task(s)? How will the tech help students learn?
  2.  What is the role of the learner with regards to tech integration?
  3.  How will the tech empower students to take control of their own learning?
  4.  How will the tech-integrated experience build 21st Century Competencies?
  5.  How will the tech broaden student perspectives/ encourage broader community participation?
  6.  Is the tech-integrated experience “real-life”? How long will this tech be relevant?
  7.  How will you overcome unforeseen challenges?


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