Teacher Learning Co-op 2017 Call for Proposals

Teacher Learning Co-op 2017

The Teacher Learning Co-op is a professional development initiative of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. TLC provides an opportunity for teachers to become involved in collaborative learning, research and leadership with a focus in such areas as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Kindergarten and Revised Curricula. All projects are developed through an inquiry approach and culminate in a resource/product/presentation that can be shared with other teachers in Ontario and on line as an OTF resource document. TLC will consist of teams of two to four team members who will collaboratively develop a project based on a self-assessment of their professional learning goals to enhance teaching practice.


The Teacher Learning Co-op (TLC) uses a problem-based learning model and is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The budget for TLC projects must not exceed $4000. The money can be used for release time, professional development, resources, materials or any other reasonable, related expenses which your team deems appropriate.

For complete information and the application form click on Call for proposals, or click on TLC Curriculum to apply.

Deadline for submission of your proposal is September 15, 2017.

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