Carpool Karaoke EDU Edition Challenge

Earlier this year Brian Aspinall started posting his reflections in video format –karaoke style– to share his thinking and inspire conversations about computational thinking and coding in education. More recently he challenged other educators to start sharing their thinking in a similar way… and we accepted that challenge.

Following our #EveryoneCanCode PLC last week, some brave members from our team piled into Kaufman’s new car and hit the road in conversation about how to further the integration of computational thinking skills and strategies into our classroom programs in #AMDSBLearns.

So now we extend the challenge to you and your colleagues to try something new! Whatever you are discussing with your colleagues in that soon to be hot, stuffy, and often curious smelling J/I classroom, could be moved into a cool, breezy, (and maybe curious smelling) car, with an added element of music to inspire a more light-hearted and uplifting conversation about how to move learning forward. Who’s in…???

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Leave a comment below!

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