April #AMDSBKidsChat: Earth Day

Join us as we discuss #EarthDay during our next #AMDSBkidschat on April 19th from 10AM-11AM. It’s is a great place for students to connect with their peers, creatively share ideas, improve literacy skills by communicating and collaborating with others, and develop citizenship and character. Everything you need to get started can be found here! Watch the video(s), answer the questions, and join us to share your ideas to learn with other K-12 students throughout #AMDSBLearns!

Charlie and Lola – Look After Your Planet (P)

Alexis is the Earth’s Hero (P/J)

National Geographic: Earth is Our Home- Let’s Protect it (J/I)

Man vs Earth (I/S)


  1. Our environment is precious.  What are some of the BIG environmental issues facing the world today?
  1. How have you been involved in a school or community event to help our environment?  
  1. How can you reduce your impact on the environment? At home? At school?
  1. Do you think the problems will get worse or slowly disappear? Why?
  1. Who do you believe is most responsible for creating environmental problems?
  1. Why do you think Earth Day is important?


Go Beyond the questions with these Engaging Extras:

1. Here is a list of some everyday items.  SHOW us how you might Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle each of the following:

  • Old clothes
  • Empty jars
  • Vegetable scraps
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Papers printed on one side only

2. Design a poster for Earth Day to teach other students in your school about the importance of the 3 R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle

3. Check out the following website for 50 Earth Day Activities!

4. Colouring Page


We hope you will join us! If you have any questions please contact Leigh Cassell

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