Mathies Math Apps and Resources for Ontario Ts and Ss

Mathies resources are designed for Ontario K-12 students, teachers, and parents. The Mathies site hosts a large collection of educational Games, Learning Tools, and Activities organized by strand, as well as Additional Supports like online practice modules and FREE Homework Help and tutoring for Ontario students in grades 7-10.

I first learned about Mathies when I was working with Jackie Harrison at Bedford. I am always curious to see what apps teachers have loaded on their student devices and more importantly, how they are using them. Jackie learned about Mathies at an OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education) sponsored PD session earlier this year. The session was facilitated by ADE Kristen Wideen @MrsWideen about how to Innovate with iPad…

Mathies Math Apps feature Canadian content for our Canadian kids and include a variety of features to provide your learners with virtual manipulatives to create visual representations and work with standard algorithms, as well as options to view your work history, and record thinking using built-in annotation tools. Screenshot your work to share on with others via your student and class blogs, and/or on your class Twitter feed. Here is a small sample of some of the apps they have available:


To learn more about the Mathies apps and other Mathies resources, you can visit their website. To learn more about how Mathies apps are being integrated into Jackie’s mathematics program, connect with @madameharrison on Twitter.

Are you using Mathies Math Apps and/or Resources with your kids? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!


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