iTunes U & iBooks Content Links for Teachers and Students

The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program created a list of iTunes U / iBooks URLs which include links to popular Apple websites, iTunes U content and more. I highly recommend checking out the Apple Distinguished Educator Courses (these are lessons in all subject areas organized into courses for you and your students), Evaluating Apps for the Classroom, Everyone Can Code, and Lesson Ideas (integrate apps that augment, modify and redefine learning into curriculum-based lessons in all subject areas for all ages).


Apple Distinguished Educator Books:

Apple Distinguished Educators Courses:

Apple Education:

Apple Teacher:

Books for Educators:

Courses and Collections by Language:

Curriculum Standards:

Digital Literacy & Citizenship:

Education Collections:

Education Solutions (Curriculum & Assessment):

Evaluating Apps for the Classroom:

Everyone Can Code:

For Educators:

For School Leaders:

Free Books by Educators:

Learning at Every Level:

Lesson Ideas:

Special Education:

Teachers’ Favourites:


Tools for Formative Assessment:

Tools for Teachers:

Please share your favourites by leaving a comment below! Sharing your ideas helps others…

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