December #AMDSBkidschat: Generosity


With the holiday season just around the corner, we felt it was the perfect time to engage #AMDSBLearns kids in conversations about what it means to be #generous. Generosity is about being kind, with a willingness to give unselfishly to others. What are your plans to be #generous over the holidays and in 2017?

Join us December 15th from 10AM-11AM to discuss #generosity

All of the instructions you need to get started can be found here!

aNo experience required!

#AMDSBKidsChat Video:

Children Inspire Generosity for Entire Community

#AMDSBKidsChat Questions:

  1. How did the children in the video inspire others to be generous?
  2. Tell about a time when you’ve been generous.
  3. How has someone else shown you generosity?
  4. What act of generosity will you carry out over the holidays?
  5. How can you inspire others to be generous?

Additional Kindie Video (optional)

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