Create Your Own Google Custom Search

Jennifer Cox recently published a post on her Tech Tips blog with instructions explaining how to create your own Custom Google Search. Creating your own Custom Google Search works in 2 ways:

1. You and your students can add a Custom Google Search to your own website making the search for content more efficient.


2. When conducting research, you can use a Google Custom Search to set your own search parameters and help filter out unnecessary or irrelevant content. Bottom line… custom searches make searching your own website, or a collection of websites, even more efficient.

How is Custom Search different from Google Web Search?

You have the option to set your custom search engine to search the entire web, similar to a normal search on However, you might notice some differences. Your custom search engine:

  • Emphasizes your results over anything else on the web
  • Doesn’t include some Google Web Search features, such as personalized results
  • May have a subset of results from the Google index if you include more than ten sites

Thank you Jennifer for creating this Custom Search Resource!

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