September TLLP Reflections

Our TLLP Team was granted an extension to continue our work until November. Our learning will be shared in a resource designed to support the development of 21st Century Competencies in math using blogging as a platform for learning. We meet one final time in November, when we will finish creating this resource which will be shared here, in the AMDSB EdTech Learning Community for you!

These are the reflections from the day…

Allison Plumsteel

Today gave our group a great opportunity to revisit how effect the Blog could be as a communication tool for learning and making connections. We had a discussion about the difference between learning goals and success criteria. Through discussion, we reiterated how important learning goals and co-created success criteria are to the understanding of concepts.

We also had an opportunity to explore blogs and look for excellent examples of math lessons and we looked at how we could use Math Talk with them. We have complied a slide deck of many ideas and resources.

Another key learning we discussed was making connections with others in our own Board and world wide communities through the use of the Digital Human Library and by using the Google Hangout. These will provide opportunities to connect and share learning to others outside of our school.

Nicole King

A summer break can certainly create a big to do list of all the new pedagogy you want to attempt for the new school year! Asking questions and time to collaborate with your teaching peers is always a fantastic way in order to get questions answered as we always have tech questions or ways to get around.

Today’s new learning?
~ google hangouts
~ using the digital human library to connect to educators/experts around the world
~ exploring math ideas through other teacher’s blogs in the board
~ tackling those pesky tech problems to get started for this year (cleaning out the cowebs of navigating around)

What are my wonderings and challenges?
~ how to tackle the big ideas, overall expectations vs specific amongst the learning goals and the success criteria
~ how to jump back in

My next steps…
~ setting up regular video conferences
~ connecting with blogging buddies (class blog to start)
~ setting up this year’s student blogs
~ open up more math talk tasks and accountability regarding math talk in the classroom

Cheers to a new year!!!

Kerri-Lynn Case-Schepers

  • Edublogs (adding new students, adding new Widgets, Plugins, adding/removing subscribers, trouble shooting, sharing ideas etc)

  • Reviewed new resources:  Big Idea by Dr.Small Grades 4-8

  • Discussed our understanding of Learning Goals and Success Criteria in math

  • Viewed a variety of teacher/student math blogs in search of new ways to communicate our math thinking and understanding

  • Experimented with Google Hangouts & creating surveys in Google Forms

  • Co-created a Slide Deck in Google Slides to share with others in our group

Charlene Stein

It was very helpful today to meet with my colleagues and to discuss our next steps with technology integration in math for this new school year.  We took some time to answer questions related to blogging.  It was helpful to take some time to work out some minor issues we were having which prevented us from moving forward.  We were introduced to Google Hangout, Google Calendar, and the Digital Human Library and were challenged to consider the ways we could use these platforms in our programs.  Later, we decided to branch out and do some research.  We took some time to look at other blogs, websites and resources for ideas related to math and communication.  We began to create a google slide to display our gathered ideas and to consider how we could add meaningful math talk through technology.  I am looking forward to sharing these ideas as a group and adding to this growing resource over time.

Anne McBride

Today our motivated group of teachers dove deeper into the world of blogging about math. How can we use the blog to showcase student outcomes in mathematics in a way that encourages ‘Math Talk’. Exploring multiple blogs from teachers in our board and saving examples in an easily accessible spot for our group was a great way to compile, organize, and analyze these findings. There are so many great things happening in our board! I am leaving this session with many thoughts for reflection. Showcasing our math lessons on the blog shows the overwhelming amount of communication and collaboration happening in math classes across out board. Now I am left reflecting on how to take those ideas, lessons, posts and activities one step further to encourage the blog as a platform for not just showcasing student outcomes – but for facilitating more Math Talk! My next steps will be to try out some of the amazing ideas I’ve learned from my colleagues today and to try taking things that one step further.


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