Digital Volunteer Form: Building Audience in Your School Community

As more and more teachers and students are using blogging as a platform for learning, there is a greater need to build an audience within, and outside of our school communities. I’ve shared the idea of Digital Volunteers with a number of schools as an effective way to engage parents in conversations with students about learning throughout the school . . .

Cheryl Rader at South Perth showed me the form she was building to send home to her school community in support of the staff and students at South Perth. So I thought it might be helpful to create a generic form that any school can customize to meet their needs. I’ve embedded the form below. If you would like access to this form to use for your own school, please leave a comment below and I will add you as a collaborator! If there is information you think should be added please share your ideas below as well. Happy Blogging!

2 thoughts on “Digital Volunteer Form: Building Audience in Your School Community”

    1. Hi Krista! This is wonderful news! Would you please contact the principals at Bedford and/or Stratford Northwestern and ask them how you can get involved? I would recommend that you reference this blog post during your conversation to provide them with some context for your conversation. Thank you again for your interest!


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