Lessons to Integrate Blogging into your Classroom Program

I posted this resource in the Help and Support Documents a few years ago and thought it deserved an update, refresh, and re-share. Lessons to Integrate Blogging into your Classroom Program is a resource that may help guide some of the work you do with students are you introduce blogging as a platform for learning. The lessons shared here are meant to provide you with examples and ideas about how you might integrate blogging into your program as you begin to uncover the potential of the Edublogs platform. Remember, the most valuable resources you have are your students -and your students want to learn in partnership with you. With the rate at which technology is evolving it has become impossible to have all the answers or stay ahead of the game. What is possible is modelling a growth mindset and showing your students that you are ‘always learning’ (sing it… !).  And don’t forget that you are also connected to over 500+ educators in the AMDSB EdTech Learning Community who are ‘always learning’ too!

We are all in this together -kids included- and together we learn with, and from one another.



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