Welcome to the AMDSB EdTech Learning Community

As our we kick off the new school year here in our AMDSB EdTech Learning Community, I want to welcome you all back and extend a special warm welcome to those of you who are new!

welcome to the summer

The AMDSB EdTech Learning Community is a community of educators, support staff, IT, and administrators throughout AMDSB who are using blogging as a platform for learning, and/or supporting board staff and students with learning in digital spaces. Administrators have also been subscribed to the EdTech Learning Community if staff in your school are using Edublogs. Your subscription will help keep you informed of what’s happening with tech-integrated teaching and learning in AMDSB!  Your subscription to this community means that you will receive an email notification when a new post is shared. The EdTech Learning Community is my primary means of communicating important information about Edublogs, but more importantly it’s a space for all AMDSB Community members to learn and share learning about new technologies, classroom resources, and how your practice continues to evolve as you teach and learn with technology.

So this is my official invitation to all of you to contribute to the AMDSB EdTech Learning Community! Everyone in our community has access to the EdTech Learning Community blog as a Contributor. That means that when you log in to Edublogs, you can choose AMDSB EdTech Learning Community, draft a new post, and submit it to me to publish on your behalf. You all have meaningful stories to share – I hope you will consider sharing some of those stories here! 

Did you know that there are over 6000 teachers and students in AMDSB who are using blogging as a platform for learning? (and our community continues to grow!) Why?



If you have questions or ideas about integrating blogging as a platform for learning into your classroom program to improve literacy skills, develop student outcomes (competencies), engage in new learning partnerships, and/or extend learning beyond the walls of your classroom please leave a comment below or contact me!

Happy Blogging!

Leigh Cassell

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