How do I Assess the “Blogging”?

Nicole Kaufman and I have been working on a rubric to assess the blog as one of your student’s media products. A blog is a platform – however blogging is also a form of writing which encompasses a specific purpose for writing (inform/explain, entertain, describe, persuade). So how do you assess what students are doing when they are “blogging”? The most important question here – What are you assessing?

The draft rubric we created is embedded below. At the moment it is more suited for students in grades 4-8, so we are hoping that some of you will revise the rubric to fit your needs and share it here! The more contributors we have working on the rubrics, the better they will be! We hope you will share your ideas by leaving comments in the Blogging Rubric Doc. Feel free to add a copy of the Blogging Rubric to your Drive, edit and share here as well. What assessment tools are you using in your class to assess the work students are doing on their blogs? Share your resources and ideas by leaving a comment below!

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