Teacher Learning Co-op 2016: Funding for Teacher-Led PD

Teacher Learning Co-op 2016

OTF appreciates that teachers need to direct their own learning and need to have ongoing face-to-face interactions with colleagues to satisfy this need. More importantly, they need the opportunity and support to accomplish this. TLC gives you this opportunity.

The Teacher Learning Co-op (TLC) uses a problem-based learning model and is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

TLC has three areas of focus:

  • Using information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance teaching and learning;
  • Supporting capacity building in Kindergarten; and
  • Supporting teachers in implementing revised curriculum.

TLC will approve projects for up to 95 teams with up to four teachers per team:

  • 40 teams to focus on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT);
  • 40 teams to investigate Kindergarten initiatives; and
  • 15 teams to concentrate on curriculum initiatives.

The deadline for applications is May 31,2016.

For more information or to apply, go to the TLC page on the OTF website.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Learning Co-op 2016: Funding for Teacher-Led PD”

  1. Hi Becky,

    In my experience projects that are most successful involve in a team of educators working towards a shared goal based around their professional needs.
    I would be happy to provide you with some feedback about your application if that helps!


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