Student Blogging Challenge!


Challenge yourself to connect and learn with others! Sign-up for the student blogging challenge!

The Student Blogging Challenge runs twice yearly.  A new Challenge starts in March and September each year.

  • It is made up of a series of 10 weekly tasks all designed to improve blogging and commenting skills while connecting students with a global audience.
  • The Challenge is open to both class blogs and to individual student bloggers from all over the world and of all ages – blogs don’t need to be hosted by Edublogs to participate!*
  • Participants can complete as many of the tasks as they like and in any order.
  • If you are an educator, you can also register to mentor a small group of students.
  • Registration forms are published mid February and Mid September ready for the challenges in March and September.

The Student Blogging Challenge is coordinated by Sue Wyatt, Sue Waters and Ronnie Burt.

Here  is where you can read more about the Student Blogging Challenge:

  1. About the Challenge
  2. Challenge FAQs

Receive the latest News from the Student Challenge Blog

There are two ways to get the latest posts, which include the challenge activities, automatically delivered to you.

  1. Email notification
  2. Subscribe in a Reader

Email Notification

The first and the easiest is to sign up for email notification.

If you look in the right sidebar on the Student Blogging Challenge site you will see a box that says ‘Enter your email address’.

Simply enter your email address, a pop-up box will appear and you just need to enter the anti-spam word and then click on “Complete Subscription Request.”

You’ll receive an email asking you to activate your subscription, click on the link to activate your email notification.

Now you’ll receive an email notifying you when new posts or information are added to the blog.

Learn more and sign up for the Student Blogging Challenge here. Start anytime and join the challenges you want. Grade 6 is Awesome has entered – are you in???

One thought on “Student Blogging Challenge!”

  1. That looks like such a great resource to get your class involved in blogging. Something for sure to save for September with a new set of students, and to connect globally!
    Thanks for sharing Leigh!
    – Ms.K


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