“Kindness Matters” {#AMDSBkidschat 2}


For our Twitter chat this month the Grade 8’s at Howick chose this video from the People’s Choice Awards. This video aired during Ellen DeGeneres’s acceptance speech for the Humanitarian of the Year award.

Inspired by the video, our next Twitter chat will focus on “Kindness Matters”. This video shows actions of kindness that Ellen has shown towards families in need and certain organizations and causes. A few examples of the many charities Ellen has donated to are: Children’s Health Fund, Habitat For Humanity, STOMP Out Bullying, ONE Campaign, and many more.

Here are the questions for the March 23rd #AMDSBkidschat

  1. What does kindness mean to you? What is something that you do that is kind?
  2. How can we show our appreciation to people who are showing kindness?
  3. Have you made someone happy today? If so how?
  4. How do you think you can improve kindness in a classroom and school community?
  5. Ellen is known for being kind and generous. What traits do you want to be known for?
  6. What is something you can do every day to give back/be kind to someone?

The AMDSBkidschat provides safe environment for several classes to discuss and answer questions semi-anonymously and leave a positive digital footprint. Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, and New Literacies are all at work in this one 21st century learning activity.   

Would you like more information about #AMDSBkidschat?  Visit us on twitter @AMDSBkidschat or on the TLC blog by clicking on #AMDSBkidschat icon. You can also leave a comment below!

Can’t wait to “Tweet” with you on March 23rd!

– Grade 8 Kaufman (and @teach_mrsK)

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